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With Valentine’s Day only three days away, we thought we’d help you guys out with some ideas on how to make a lasting impression this Valentines!


Idea #1 – Work A Little Magic in The Kitchen This Valentines

Nothing makes a better impression than showing off in the kitchen; so why don’t you get the candles out and get ready to work a little magic in the kitchen. That’s right, you don’t have to go out to impress that special someone this valentines.

Since Valentines falls on a Sunday, why not start your celebrations with breakfast in bed. You don’t have to cook up a storm, just something simple like pancakes or waffles topped with berries, strawberries, bananas and maple syrup would do just fine.  Oh and don’t forget the bubbly, it definitely helps set the mood.

If instead you would rather save your cooking skills and energy for the evening meal then why not try cooking something  fancy like Cassie Bests’ “One-pan tikka salmon with jewelled rice“, It’s simple and not as daunting as you might think and it only takes 55min from start to finish.

We all know that nothing in the world of food or beverage shouts “romance” quite like champagne and no style of champagne is better suited for celebrating Valentine’s Day than rosé.

We recommend the Champagne Ruinart Brut Rose NV which you can buy from Selfridges.  This refined Champagne won’t break the bank and offers fresh cherry and strawberry aromas sure to act as an aphrodisiac for any couple!


Idea #2 – Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Why not bring back that old romantic that’s been in hibernation for the past however many years; and show your better half that you haven’t forgotten how to do it.

Revisit your very first memorable date location, and re-enact the date as best you can.

If it was a bar you went to; where did you sit or stand? Do you remember her first drink? If it was a restaurant; where did you sit? Request that same table. ….you get where we’re coming from right? Great!

Conversation will be fun on this date. You’ll inevitably reminisce of how you were both feeling and thinking back then.

Warning- be prepared for hearing some truths. Just because they are still with you today doesn’t mean they were convinced on that first date.


Idea #3 – Visit “The Lounge” – Grown-Up Cinema at its Best.

In 2012 Odeon opened “The Lounge” its first ‘fine food and a film’ experience.  So instead of just settling for a bucket of popcorn, an overpriced drink and a crowded Cinema why not treat your valentines to something a little more special!

The Lounge offers you the choice of eating your evening meal sat at their luxury bar, or even better, at your seat while watching the film.  The menu includes everything from popcorn to gourmet hot dogs, to red mullet risotto.

The seats recline at the touch of a button and have double the leg room of a normal cinema seat, guaranteeing you a little cuddle space and an intimate atmosphere.

To find out more visit:



Spending time thinking of what to do on valentines and planning it can lead to you forgetting about yourself. All your efforts to please won’t be complete unless you look your best for the occasion; so go treat yourself and get groomed.

Keep a look out for coming soon- Your Male Grooming Marketplace.