Tips For Your Pits – A Men’s Guide

Armpit Hair

The decision of whether to shave, trim or even interfere at all with Mother Nature when it comes to your armpit hair, is quite a personal decision. However, many men seem to struggle with knowing what the right thing to do is.

If you are one of these confused men, TrimTimes is here to give you a helping hand and assist in the making of an attractive armpit; an armpit as cool as a Brad Pitt’s!

The most important thing about armpit hair is understanding that it really doesn’t look good  when allowed to escape around the edges of the actual pit itself; this means your pit will be susceptible to trap odour…YUK!… and look unattractive if not taken care of.

So, regular grooming of your armpit hair, in our opinion, is a definite must.

Here are our tips on how you can tame the pit…

TrimTimes’ Basic Armpit Hair Rules

  • Your underarm hair should not be long enough to twist into a pit dreadlock.
  • When you let your arms hang at your sides, your armpit hair should not be poking out in the front or the back like you’re hiding a fuzzy creature under there.
  • If you have curly hair, you should not be presenting a veritable bush that Ozzies in the outback would be proud of ….it just looks wrong, ok!

Trimming Tips for the Pits

  1. Best length – We recommend trimming down to around an inch or a little less (no.4 on a professional Whal clipper), but no shorter as this may cause irritation and become prickly, scratchy and itchy as it grows back. You could also be in danger of impersonating a chimpanzee in public places.
  2. Best tool for the job – Giving plenty of power and a good variety of attachments is a clipper, and they are built to last (as long as you look after them and put a drop of oil on them every so often). Try Whal Super Taper Clipper as we think this would be the best one for the job.
  3. Trimming Technique -

a. Comb the hairs under the arm, downwards and up, as this will detangle any twists and knots that you’ve produced by everyday movements. It will also enable smoother cutting.

b. Using the clipper with attachment no.4, work your way from the outside in towards the centre of the pit area.

c. Keep doing this from all angles until all long hairs have been removed.

By keeping your armpit hair trimmed you’ll also notice that you’ll sweat less and therefore smell better. Powdered deodorants are better than the liquid based sprays as the powder aids in the absorption of your man sweat.

A few hours after showering and using antiperspirant, take a smell of your underarms; you shouldn’t smell. If it does smell so soon, then you could be guilty of one of the following:

a) Not drying your armpits thoroughly before applying antiperspirant

b) Not washing properly!

Shaving Your Pits

Unless you are a model or roll with the likes of Frank Lampard and David Beckham, who shave their pits, we say keep some hair under there.

If, however, you are really thinking of shaving your armpit hair, below is our list of some simple steps to help you with this process?

  1. Best tool for the job – For a nice clean shave, use a razor that has three to five blades.
  2. Shaving Technique – If your hair is long, shaving it will be difficult as long hair will get stuck in the razor blade. Make sure to trim your armpit hair first then shave.
  3. Aftercare - Once done, moisturise the area but don’t overdo it with the moisturiser; only a small amount is needed.

When you first begin shaving, you may notice some irritation. This usually goes away within the first few days. By washing carefully each day, and using an antiperspirant to keep your underarms dry, it will help the rash as wetness is one of the main causes of irritation.

We hope these pits tips have made your day.