Look After Your Watch And It Will Look After You

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Watches are and have always been an important add-on for many outfits and a watch completes every look; from the casual smart chino wearer, to the cool, vest wearing muscle machine, all the way to the elegant, sophisticated and classy suit.

However you like to wear your watch you are going to want to look after it(even more so if you have invested a fair amount of money into it).

In this guide, with the help of our guest blogger watchdoc.co.uk, we  will cover the basics of caring for your watch; making sure it lasts and looks its best for as long as possible.

Mechanical Watches

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Mechanical watches are those that need manual winding every day, unlike automatic watches which the mainspring is wound automatically as a result of natural motion of the wearer’s arm making manual winding unnecessary.

The first piece of advice, is to remove the watch when you are winding it. The reason for this is because you are going to want to avoid twisting and stressing the winding stem. Although you may think that its stainless steel, it is very thin and if you are winding your watch every day, the time will take its toll. You wouldn’t want it to snap off.

The second piece of advice for a healthy mechanical watch is to wind it every day at the same time and wind if it fully. This is because by winding it fully, you won’t be caught off guard having to re-wind and adjust it on the go. Remember, don’t overwind!.

Battery Watches

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Lots of watches have batteries nowadays and the best advice for battery watches is that; as soon as your battery runs out and your watch stops working, remove the battery even if you don’t have a replacement.

When a battery runs out it means the battery is old and once discharged, it is considerably more likely to rust or leak the fluids into the inside of your watch which could damage it irrevocably.

The general rule for battery watches is that they will need changing every two to three years. Remember, if you aren’t replacing the battery straight away, do not lose the screws or clips.

Automatic Watches

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Automatic watches are those that need no winding or battery, they have a spring inside that is winded by movement, so all you have to do is wear it. Ideally I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these unless you intend to wear it every day. You can still take it off when you go to bed, as long as you put it on the next day.

The spring charge will usually last between 36 & 48 hours. The downfall of an automatic watch usually is with too much fiddling. If you have to adjust it every other day because you aren’t wearing it, it may stop working sooner than you think.


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