How to avoid sweaty armpits before the big meeting


Now although you have been basking in the all of the glory that is the sun over the weekend,


its back to reality…..

Monday and you have an afternoon meeting with the new CEO, you get to the
meeting and realise you have an ocean under each armpit, the CEO can smell the fear a mile away
and has already asked someone else to over see that account you have been waiting all month to get
your hands on.
Never fear we have some tips on how to avoid the sweaty pits of doom.


Dress to suppress! A top tip is to throw on a high quality cotton vest or undershirt which can
soak up any perspiration leaving your shirt dry as a bone. When choosing your shirt go for a
loose cotton or linen shirt which will allow the air to flow freely between your clothes and

Try to avoid coffee as best you can as the caffeine stimulates your sweat glands, drink lots of
water. You should be drinking water regularly anyhow but particularly on hot days water can
help regulate your body temperature, as well as keeping your sweat cells under control. Try
and avoid a spicy lunch too, they trigger the same receptors in your skin that respond to

Don’t power walk to work! If you are in the habit of arriving directly on time for meetings
try and break that habit. If you leave earlier than you would normally you will be able to
take your time thus not rushing and keeping your body temperature low.

Take an extra shirt to work with you, you can nip into the gents before the meeting and
change it up!

As for the odour leave a little stick of body spray at your desk or in your briefcase (if your
important enough to have a briefcase). As per usual this will eradicate any body odour thus
leaving you smelling like roses.

So don’t sweat it take our useful tips and put them to use, stay in control of excessive perspiration
by applying our techniques (and by purchasing some suitable deodorant). Stay stress free by staying
sweat free!

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